Elevate Your Career with the Power of Advocacy- Leverage your professional network in powerful ways

  • Identifying Your Advocates: Recognize individuals within your network who actively support your growth.
  • Enhancing Relationships with Advocates: Build deep, mutual connections by sharing your Personal Intellectual Capital
  • Leveraging Advocacy for Career Advancement: Use cultivated relationships to unlock career opportunities.

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Unlock your potential with a specialized training session! Begin by discovering your unique communication style with a certified DISC practitioner. Dive into a comprehensive analysis of your Personal Intellectual Capital, encompassing your skills, knowledge, and experiences. This personalized session, ranging from 50 to 120 minutes, offers immediate, actionable steps for enhanced results. Post-session, you’ll receive detailed meeting notes and tailored recommendations for your next steps. Join us for an experience designed to elevate your professional journey!

Elevate your career with our personalized training programs! Our 3 Step Foundations package is designed to help you uncover your purpose, refine your communication style, and leverage your Personal Intellectual Capital, laying a solid groundwork for your professional success. For a more comprehensive journey, our 9 Step Complete package guides you from the initial discovery of your purpose all the way to mastering the skills needed to secure your next career opportunity. Whether starting with the basics or aiming for a complete career transformation, our programs are your gateway to success.

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